Affordable-tutor.com recognizes that a student’s academic success is highly dependent  on the success of the student/tutor relationship. Unlike tutor mills that recruit hundreds of tutors, the founder of Affordable-tutor.com, Darryl Hold- Degreed Teacher, has over 12 years experience in tutoring.

SAT prep, ACT prep, Speed Reading, Algebra, Geometry, Middle School Math, English Grammar, Literature, History, Geography, Biology and virtually all academic subjects except extremely advanced math and science like  Nuclear Physics and Differential Calculus.

Darryl’s rare combination of analytical and intuitive talents have enabled him to coach to success a wide variety of students from astute math students to allegedly slow readers to students whom other educational professionals had diagnosed as learning disabled.

He obtains measurable results quickly, so that Darryl can move on and help the next student.

Compared to name brand tutoring agencies that often assign a novice tutor to attempt to fulfill your child’s academic needs, Affordable-tutor.com’s founder Darryl  Hold –Degreed Teacher will tutor your child to  academic success at a fraction of the cost of the name brand companies.

Now offering Tutoring online by Skype

Here is how Affordable-tutor.com will assess your child’s tutoring needs:

  • Where does your child need the most help?
  • What  academic subjects has your child/student achieved  mastery?
  • What exactly has led to that academic excellence?

Darryl Hold also evaluates personal learning  styles:

  • Does your child/student learn best hands on or by reading?
  • Does he or she prefer to listen or process digitally?

Not all students are best suited to traditional classroom teaching methods, yet virtually all students can master a subject with enough time, enough effort and enough motivation.

Many parents who have chosen to have Darryl Hold tutor their child have described him as motivating and encouraging while at the same time achieving results quickly. Keep in mind that your student may need an enthusiastic, challenging tutor or he or she might prefer a more serene setting to study with a calm, yet focused top notch tutor. Incredible yet true, both of these scenarios describe Affordable-tutor’s founder Darryl Hold.  He aligns his tutoring approach to achieve the results you seek for your child’s or student’s academic goals. Last but not least,

You deal direct with the tutor and save.


Thanks! Darryl  ” As a result of the tutoring that you did with my son Patrick on unique strategies and  targeted tactics to excel on the PSAT and SAT, he scored in the 96 percentile or put another way he scored in the top 4% in the nation on PSAT!

Without a doubt, I  highly recommend using the tutoring services of Darryl Hold for not only the SAT/PSAT/ACT, but also for academic tutoring in most subjects. Feel free to contact me for any questions at drs@newmindcenter.com  Dr Richard Soutar ..Pioneer Researcher in Neurofeedback.”    Update:

9/20/2012 Results speak. I tutored a student PSAT and SAT from Johns Creek GA named Keegan Dent. Scroll to Johns Creek High School. He made the list of Semi-finalists for National Merit Scholarships. I tutored. He worked. Results speak.  Here is the link: http://portal.fultonschools.org/News_Room/Pages/Morethan100FultonstudentsnamedNationalMeritsemifinalists.aspx

2/26/2013 Keegan Dent of Johns Creek, GA  has just earned the honor of being a National Merit Scholarship Finalist! Congratulations for all your hard work. You deserve it.

3/6/2013  Congratulations to Fabiola of Cartersville Hi! i wanted to let you know that i made a super score of 21 on the Act :) ) (student tutored by Darryl Hold)

3/6/2013  Congratulations to Michael Nemetz of Johns Creek scored a 27 on the last ACT. (student tutored by Darryl Hold)

Fabiola C Sanchez


Before hiring Darryl our son was struggling to make a “B” in math, now he is consistently making “A’s”.  Darryl has this incredible ability to teach our son  math in a language that he understands! Hiring Darryl was truly one of the best decisions we have made in regards to our sons education. We highly recommend you doing the same!

Amy & John Neubert



Wanted to share with you our GREAT news!!!!  Alex was hoping for a 33 on his ACT and guess what…..He scored a 34!!!!!!!!  We are thrilled!! 

I was comparing his scores from Sept to this April test and he improved in all areas.  English was huge 29 (Sept) and 35 (April), Science was 30 (Sept) and now 35 (April).  We haven’t gotten the combined English/Writing score yet.

Thank you for helping Alex to surpass his goal!!

Note: For privacy reasons, the parents asked that their last name not be used from this email. However, they have agreed to verify this testimonial by phone to interested parents seeking to utilize Darryl Hold’s tutoring services.